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FOUNDER - Sameer Kalra

 Having worked as Equity Analyst for PineBridge Investments India Offshore Fund with AUM of $1Bn (approx) has learnt that wealth creation through stocks only possible when there is a continuous understanding of financials and managements in different scenarios of company. He Registered with SEBI as a Research Analyst (INH000000784) since May 2015 and initiated with a Model Portfolio since August 2016 has been outperforming benchmarks(MSCI India) since inception. 


Our Founder's Vision is to  simplify the complex data and events which help investors to create new positions and hold them for wealth creation and take advantage of panic situations.


Target Investing 


Brand was created in early 2016 with a vision to keep advice to clients simple and precise which can help them achieve more stable returns which being invested in right stocks even in difficult times and exiting stocks when the situation is in mania phase. 

This has been achieved by investing in stocks which are low on debt , high cashflow and some at depression valuation due to short term issues in them which does not harm the existence of the company and its business. 


For Short Term , our founder has developed system for machine learning which are able to identify right opportunity of short term trades with strict discipline and gain extra alpha for the client.

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