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Note : These are derived from an Internal Indicator and any movement or close below/above Support/Resistance of one time period moves the Support/Resistance to next time period.

Example : if current market levels is below or above 2 min levels then immediate levels to keep watch are 30 Min levels.

Today's Market Influencer :

Today Movement - Neutral to Negative

The intraday movements will be volatile but the levels should be flat to positive as it is day before Expiry the roll overs will be closely looked into.

There are 46 stocks shifting to physical delivery in July series which would create negative impact on those stocks.

Stock of the Day :

IDEA Cellular Ltd. - Up Level 57.95/59.02/62.3

Shareholders have approved name change to Vodafone Idea Ltd. and Issuance of NCD on private basis of Rs 15000 crore which would help reduce debt and raise the require bank guarantee amount for the merger.


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