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Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

Quarterly Financials

June 27th , 2018

Results were release late last night and as we were expecting they have taken onetime loss of all the issues with management and board which is a very big positive.

This makes the company much cleaner for the bidders to evaluate and give in the bids. For this the deadline is 29th June 2018 ( according to news sources). We believe now all the financial impact has been accounted for the books and now recovery will be done in due course.

Recommend : ADD Weight

Portfolio Allocation : Pre 3% Post 5%

May 25th , 2018

We Prefer that the company chooses strategic bidder which would bring in changes to operation efficiency and unlock the value for the shareholders in the long term. The winner of bid should be able add its expertise in the healthcare industry and have a capability to provide more of own funds to fund the expansion post the deal.

Our two picks are IHH and Manipal - TPG as they have good knowledge of the operations and fund requirements for healthcare business.

We Recommend Buying with a limit of Rs 158/share


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