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ALERT : WAIT TO BUY/ADD - YESTERDAY CLOSED BELOW 10671 ( 1 Day level) Will shift movement to 10291.

Note : These are derived from an Internal Indicator and any movement or close below/above Support/Resistance of one time period moves the Support/Resistance to next time period.

Example : if current market levels is below or above 2 min levels then immediate levels to keep watch are 30 Min levels.

Today's Market Influencer :

Today Movement - Neutral to Positive

As we alerted yesterday due to given Rupee level and derivatives changes the market will have negative impact but we dint see a short cover happen at last hour which makes us believe that July series first day should also be a neutral to positive as yes

Rupee and Crude Oil are showing a little relief overnight but we would be seeing levels during market hours to see any reversal and inform it during our live chat.

Stock of the Day :

Titan Company Ltd. - Down Level 765 & Up Level 865/894

Yesterday last half an hour the price decreased with very heavy volume. News sources in the evening confirmed that long standing investor in the company Rakesh & Rekha Jhunjhunwala has sold of 1.4% bringing dow holding to 7.37% within past one month.


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