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Today's Market Influencer :

Today Movement - Neutral to Positive

USA markets and China positive as USA in past two days announces a flattening of new cases that can be a blip but led to short covering and speaker of the house telling democratic party that next virus bill will be at least $1Trn dollar . The oil prices are at $34/bbl(2.93%) as OPEC+ meeting is on 9th April where other countries are also invited to join cut that can reverse oil price very quickly. USDINR at 75.9(-0.01%) as FII selling continues but there is some relief by RBI on dollar demand.

Important close levels - 7218/9150

Stock of the Day :



Please do not think that if there is no communication from our Founder while the market goes down that we are not concerned. It is our priority that we do not act in haste and wind up doing a mistake and thereafter have no cash left to invest with higher averages. We are keeping a constant look on all portfolios and cash available along with right time to invest.


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